Monday, November 6, 2006

Borat: Make Win Against Big American Movie Film

So here's some Success Quotient information for you. The Success Quotient was originally intended to judge the success of the entire theatrical run of a movie, but in this case, I thought it was a good idea to take look at the weekend gross numbers. For these equations, I replaced the Average Screens numbers with total number of screens. Also, I was going to do Borat vs. Santa Clause 3, but I can't find budget information for Santa Clause 3 anywhere, if anyone finds it, please let me know. One last thing, average ticket price for 2006 isn't availabel yet, so I made an educated guess of about 6.80, up 39 cents from last year. If yoy think thats a shitty guess, let me know as well.

Just a quick refresher, Success Quotient equals:

(Gross - Budget)/Screens
Average Ticket Price

First off, we'll do Flushed Away:

Budget: $130,000,000
Weekend Gross: $19,100,000
Average Ticket Price: $6.80
Screens: 3707

Which translates to:

The Success Quotient for Flushed Away? -4399.467.

Don't let this be an indication for Flushed Away failing miserably, its only the first weekend, and it still has a strong possibility of kicking that number up a notch.

Now lets do Borat:

Budget: $18,000,000
Weekend Gross: $26,375,000
Average Ticket Price: $6.80
Screens: 837

That gives a Success Quotient of: 1417.667

To put that in perspective, Revenge of The Sith had an SQ of just over 1600 for its ENTIRE RUN.

Now let's see if Borat can keep up the momentum.